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“Just got my @thepillclub subscription package!! I am so happy with my package and this organization. The Pill Club offers a cheap and exciting way to receive your birth control every month. In each package you receive your birth control prescription, a cute sticker, chocolate (which I already ate ☺️), surprise gifts (this package I got a cute pink pencil that says “make your mark”), condoms, an all access guide, a pharmacy essentials guide, AND for an even bigger surprise...if your insurance covers it, you get a free female condom, and a free plan b! The only cost is whatever your insurance doesn’t cover. So if you’re insurance covers everything...guess what?! It’s all free! Even shipping! This organization is also very user friendly. A nurse practitioner will text you with updates and respond to your texts. So you can easily communicate with an NP whenever you have any questions. I love this so much and will definitely continue to use The Pill Club in the future. Thank you so much for all the fun goodies! ☺️💕”

“my pills were shipped the next day! I don't have insurance but I have a Family Pact card so my prescription is free! Since I live in California I was able to be prescribed a pill directly from TPC. My first pack arrived on the 1st day of my period which was a huge bummer because I planned to avoid having a period. Since then they've been shipped the 2nd week of my current pack so they arrive with plenty of time. Packaging is discreet and the free chocolates are a very nice touch.”

“So most people know that I have severe PCOS that will prevent me from having children, (it's destroyed my reproductive system) but I take birth control to try and keep my PCOS under control and me out of the hospital. I kept seeing these ads for "The Pill Club" and thought it a awesome idea, especially since I spend alot of time at the doctors and this could be one less visit for me. I took the risk and I'm so glad I did 😁”

“I have been texting, yes TEXTING with The Pill Club this week. They have responded quickly and courteously to all of my questions specifically for my needs, not stock automated answers”

“s/o to @thepillclub for making my birth control so easy & fun! starting off 2019 hormonally balanced 😉🙌🏼✨”

“I love the freebies, but I mostly love the fast shipping , careful packaging, and text updates on when to expect each package. The staff are always helpful, and they answer all questions. When I was concerned about the manufacturer of my regular pill, they switched to my preferred manufacturer. I can't say enough about how simple and fabulous their service is”

“— This is not a sponsored post — I’m sharing this with all the ladies out there because I think @thepillclub is amazing and since I’ve discovered it, I believe every female should know about this. Each month they send my birth control to my door, and the best part, it cost me $0. They have real doctors that work to help find a contraceptive that works for you, whether it be pills, rings, or patches. DID I INCLUDE THEY SEND YOU GOODIES EVERY MONTH ALONG WITH IT. I don't know about you but free goodies definitely make me excited. Honestly whats your reasoning not to do it? No cost, no pharmacy, and free goodies? #thepillclub!”

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