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Prime Therapeutics, don't take away access to birth control.

Thousands of women with Prime’s pharmacy coverage could lose much-needed Pill Club services.

woman with birth control being taken away

Speak up for yourself and your fellow Pill Club members.

Pill Club members with pharmacy coverage through Prime Therapeutics are at risk of their birth control access being disrupted.

Our patients depend on the birth control access that Pill Club provides.


of our members previously had difficulties obtaining birth control from other providers.


of our members have concerns about family/job obligations limiting them from accessing birth control.


of our members said they would drop off of birth control without Pill Club access.

Prime Therapeutics’ decision to remove Pill Club from network is short-sighted.

Effective August 17th, thousands of Pill Club members won't be able to receive their birth control as a covered health benefit by Prime Therapeutics.

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Why is Prime Therapeutics doing this?

What happens if Prime Therapeutics refuses to change course?

What do we want Prime Therapeutics to do?

What can I do to help?

If Prime Therapeutics won’t change their decision, can I switch insurance?


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